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Yesterday’s Sunset #NoFilter

Yesterday I got to see the sunset from a spot I used to watch it for about 3 years. Spectacular, as usual… Unfortunately no adjectives that could do…


Clouds seem to aid darkness by way of intercepting the sunlight. Or is it that the light is fighting clouds that are creating the darkness? A weird sunset….

Through The Trees

Piercing through the trees are the late sun rays Published via Pressgram

Setting In A Distance

Sunset in a distance… Published via Pressgram

Before The Downfall At Sunset

I seem to be looking up a lot lately. It could that I am actually capturing what I’m seeing. Nature is amazing. The colour on these clouds was…


Sunset with rain clouds… Published via Pressgram

Another Sunset

I never seem to get tired of sunsets. Signifying the end of a day. The start of another, just as important phase of the day. Amazing that beauty…