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Hello, Good Morning!

It happens everyday but spectacular all the same. Glad to occasionally bump into the sunrise when I do. Published via Pressgram

Sunrise; Hello Day

A sunrise. It happens everyday but I don’t see it this way unless I stand by my kitchen at sunrise time. Because I don’t see it, doesn’t mean…

A Picture Of Hope [#DP365]

Don’t know if I’ll ever get enough of sunrise. Always spectacular. Perhaps the beauty of it is the promise of yet another day to get better. The promise…

Looking For The Sunrise

  A very early start today… Have a lot to get done today. As with most of my early starts, I looked for the sunrise and found… Clouds….

New Day

Hazy sunrise but one nonetheless. New day still alive with possibility. It’s not how the day looks like it’s what you do with the time given to you…