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Yesterday’s Sunset #NoFilter

Yesterday I got to see the sunset from a spot I used to watch it for about 3 years. Spectacular, as usual… Unfortunately no adjectives that could do…

Hello, Good Morning!

It happens everyday but spectacular all the same. Glad to occasionally bump into the sunrise when I do. Published via Pressgram

Sunrise; Hello Day

A sunrise. It happens everyday but I don’t see it this way unless I stand by my kitchen at sunrise time. Because I don’t see it, doesn’t mean…


Couldn’t resist the lens flares… Published via Pressgram

Breaking Through

The light breaks through the clouds after heavy rains. Nature’s art continues to amaze me. Never gets old and can never get enough. Published via Pressgram


Clouds seem to aid darkness by way of intercepting the sunlight. Or is it that the light is fighting clouds that are creating the darkness? A weird sunset….

Clouds and Sun

Looks like rain clouds gathering as they fight the sun’s rays. Guess I’m a sucker for them cloud shots… Published via Pressgram

Through The Trees

Piercing through the trees are the late sun rays Published via Pressgram

Setting In A Distance

Sunset in a distance… Published via Pressgram

New Day

Hazy sunrise but one nonetheless. New day still alive with possibility. It’s not how the day looks like it’s what you do with the time given to you…