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The Boss Is Away And [SIGN] #KalkBay #DP365

Sign in Afrikaans, which translates, “The boss is away and the price is right”. Basically, “don’t even think of negotiating price; it is what it is” Love South…

Whacky Sign: The Day For Free Beer

In case you were wondering when the free beer is going to flow… Published via Pressgram

Sixty Potholes

  One whacky sign. Did they count the potholes OR, did they place the sixty potholes the same way they’d use speed bumps.   Published via Pressgram

Dead Slow

  “Dead slow”… In some ways it makes a lot of sense. In other ways it is rather funny… “Dead slow”. A shot I got in Victoria Falls,…


Welcome. I’ve been blogging for a while on life and leadership. With Pressgram coming out I now feel the need to have a photoblog for a few reasons:…