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Yesterday’s Sunset #NoFilter

Yesterday I got to see the sunset from a spot I used to watch it for about 3 years. Spectacular, as usual… Unfortunately no adjectives that could do…

Glorious Day

Glorious day in Kirstenbosch, Cape Town! Don’t see why anyone would waste a day this glorious by bunkering indoors.

The Flowers On @christigrace7’s Desk

Woot! Christi’s flowers look rather neglected and sad about it… 😛 Published via Pressgram

The Big Blue

Love it when the sea is this lovely colour. Published via Pressgram

Beautiful Abandon

  Found this abandoned and derelict building in a beautiful setting in a country road. Amazing how misery is sometimes surrounded by such beauty. And, how beauty surrounding…

Calm Before A Hailstorm

The calm before a hailstorm the size of tennis balls… Published via Pressgram

Beauty From A Rock

Dainty flower growing and blossoming as it grows out of a rock. Nature has proven that odds are her nature. No filter. Published via Pressgram

Sky Meets Earth

Sky meets earth under cover of the clouds… Beautiful day Published via Pressgram


The poor tree lost a huge part of. The rings tell a story. The chopping reveals it to those who can understand it. Published via Pressgram