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Wishing For A Self Cleaning Floor

Typical conversation on house cleaning day: Ingrid: did you get the spider webs by the art corner? Me: yes, got ’em! I wonder how I missed the one…

Home Stuff

Taking care of home stuff! Chores! Yay! #Not A necessary evil… Have to be done right?! There are times you’d always rather be doing something else… Truth is,…


Train Wait

Things seem to take longer when you wait for them. The chasm of time… The best thing to do is see how to make the most of the…


Growing Up is Optional

On growing up… Published via Pressgram


Doing Life Right

Coffee is such an everyday thing and today it becomes a greater reminder on life, at least for me. See why and how here —> http://blessing.im/fear-most/ Published via…


Bye, And, Bye…

  It just feels like last week I did this. In January 2013 and I trashed 2o12. Failures and success from 2012. Now we’re at the end of…


Evidence of Life

The rain is starting to turn everything green. Plants seemed dead before the rain. What’s your “rain”? What brings you to life? Published via Pressgram


Inkie and I

Hanging out with Ingrid. Always fun. Glad I have not just a wife but a friend. Published via Pressgram