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Best #CoffeeArt; Nice To Look At, Better To Drink

My first time getting art as elaborate as this with my coffee. Nice to look at better to drink 😉

Truth Coffee

Being fairly new to Cape Town many insisted I pay a visit to Truth Coffee, the coffee shop in town… A quirky (and very hipster) coffee shop. It’s…

My Blood Type

The sign is self-explanatory, need I say more? Published via Pressgram

Doing Life Right

Coffee is such an everyday thing and today it becomes a greater reminder on life, at least for me. See why and how here —> http://blessing.im/fear-most/ Published via…


A weird name for a family “diner” if you’re not from some Southern African country… The story behind it is that a guy saw a need for a…

Motherland Coffee

The motherland coffee company is one of my favorite coffee places. They are African coffee people and fair trade coffee people. I like the vibe in their coffee…

African Coffee

African coffee. Love it and other coffees too. Published via Pressgram