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View From @HarbourBridge_H Earlier Today (cc @Buhle007)

Cape Town weather! Starts off sad and not so promising… Would love to have seen this view against a blue sky drop… Glad i got to see a…

Welcome Change [#DP365]

Been overcast for the last few days. So cool to see a bit of the sky blue. Published via Pressgram

Cloudy Mat

Clouds 🙂 ha! Published via Pressgram

Blue and Clouds

Clouds, sky and sun are doing a dance today. Wind is on percussion. Published via Pressgram

Breaking Through

The light breaks through the clouds after heavy rains. Nature’s art continues to amaze me. Never gets old and can never get enough. Published via Pressgram


Clouds seem to aid darkness by way of intercepting the sunlight. Or is it that the light is fighting clouds that are creating the darkness? A weird sunset….

From The Bridge

Looking down from the bridge. On the outskirts of Johannesburg city. Clouds, blue sky peeping, ageing buildings… City…

Clouds and Sun

Looks like rain clouds gathering as they fight the sun’s rays. Guess I’m a sucker for them cloud shots… Published via Pressgram

Before The Downfall At Sunset

I seem to be looking up a lot lately. It could that I am actually capturing what I’m seeing. Nature is amazing. The colour on these clouds was…

Looking For The Sunrise

  A very early start today… Have a lot to get done today. As with most of my early starts, I looked for the sunrise and found… Clouds….

After The Rain

Beautiful day after the rains we had last night. I love blue skies. I like clouds when they decorate them. Caught top of the trees in the shot…


Stained pool fence for rainy season. Interesting though is after the staining the clouds gather. #fence #clouds #overcast Published via Pressgram


Sunset with rain clouds… Published via Pressgram

Heavy Clouds

Clouds with the promise of rain… Want to go for a walk with the dog and not sure if I should take the chance Published via Pressgram