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View From @HarbourBridge_H Earlier Today (cc @Buhle007)

Cape Town weather! Starts off sad and not so promising… Would love to have seen this view against a blue sky drop… Glad i got to see a…


Glorious Day

Glorious day in Kirstenbosch, Cape Town! Don’t see why anyone would waste a day this glorious by bunkering indoors.

The Boss Is Away And [SIGN] #KalkBay #DP365

Sign in Afrikaans, which translates, “The boss is away and the price is right”. Basically, “don’t even think of negotiating price; it is what it is” Love South…

Train Ride

One of the most used modes of public transport in Cape Town is the train. This is one of the views some typical locals see just about everyday….

View Of Table Mountain From Company Gardens

Table mountain is like the North Star for Cape Town. It seems, at least to me, that every second Cape Tonian works out where they are based on…

Truth Coffee

Being fairly new to Cape Town many insisted I pay a visit to Truth Coffee, the coffee shop in town… A quirky (and very hipster) coffee shop. It’s…


St Paul’s [Photo]

St Paul’s Church building in Rondebosch, Cape Town. Among many old yet majestic buildings in Cape Town are old Church buildings. Beautiful. They were made with love to…

Cape Town in Frame

Cape Town In Frame

I’m privileged to be in Cape Town; one of the most beautiful cities, ever. There are more museums and blatant history that I’m more aware of than any…



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