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Looking up

Looking Up

i love looking up at ceilings. I can’t say why my fascination… I like that though indoors we could see the sky. Natural light is also cool. Neat!

Steeple Flare

In Stellenbosch the old blended with the new. This is a steeple at a church in one of the oldest buildings in this Western Cape, (South Africa) town….

St Paul’s [Photo]

St Paul’s Church building in Rondebosch, Cape Town. Among many old yet majestic buildings in Cape Town are old Church buildings. Beautiful. They were made with love to…

Wow Ceiling

Classic Portuguese(?) ceiling… Published via Pressgram


Couldn’t resist the lens flares… Published via Pressgram

Old High Ceiling [#DP365]

In an old church building with a beautiful old high darkish wood ceiling. Published via Pressgram

“Diner” Across The Road

A rare “look and feel” for a “diner” in these parts. The steel “coat” kinda takes you back in time… #building #diner Published via Pressgram