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I couldn’t understand what the fuss about them tulips was all about. After seeing them now I sort of get it. JustSaying Published via Pressgram

Train Ride

One of the most used modes of public transport in Cape Town is the train. This is one of the views some typical locals see just about everyday….

Steeple Flare

In Stellenbosch the old blended with the new. This is a steeple at a church in one of the oldest buildings in this Western Cape, (South Africa) town….

View Of Table Mountain From Company Gardens

Table mountain is like the North Star for Cape Town. It seems, at least to me, that every second Cape Tonian works out where they are based on…

Truth Coffee

Being fairly new to Cape Town many insisted I pay a visit to Truth Coffee, the coffee shop in town… A quirky (and very hipster) coffee shop. It’s…

St Paul’s [Photo]

St Paul’s Church building in Rondebosch, Cape Town. Among many old yet majestic buildings in Cape Town are old Church buildings. Beautiful. They were made with love to…

Cape Town In Frame

I’m privileged to be in Cape Town; one of the most beautiful cities, ever. There are more museums and blatant history that I’m more aware of than any…


An attempt at portrait. Experimenting as an iPhone (only?) photographer. Have a photogenic Charmaine as subject. Published via Pressgram

Train Wait

Things seem to take longer when you wait for them. The chasm of time… The best thing to do is see how to make the most of the…

A Picture Of Hope [#DP365]

Don’t know if I’ll ever get enough of sunrise. Always spectacular. Perhaps the beauty of it is the promise of yet another day to get better. The promise…

Great Crowd @TBDAfrica #TBDAfrica

Neat! Published via Pressgram

Cool Surf #DP365

  Today has some great waves hence the sea of surfers (see what I just did there 🙂 ) Published via Pressgram

Welcome Change [#DP365]

Been overcast for the last few days. So cool to see a bit of the sky blue. Published via Pressgram

Wow Ceiling

Classic Portuguese(?) ceiling… Published via Pressgram


A classic Published via Pressgram

That Hawkward Moment

I love statement Ts. Not the obscene ones… You know; some are a little messed up. But this one! FTW! That Hawkward moment… Published via Pressgram