I’m privileged to be in Cape Town; one of the most beautiful cities, ever. There are more museums and blatant history that I’m more aware of than any city I’ve ever lived in.

Note I said city. This is because I’ve been to many towns in Southern Africa that reeked with history. Everything about them was / is historical. Ingrid and I love some history and sight-seeing.

One of the things we enjoy together is exploring the uniqueness of places. I wish we explored Johannesburg more. Ah well, there’s not much one can do about what has happened.

Cape Town in Frame

So, I thought to start a new series / category on this blog: “Cape Town In Frame”.  I hope to give you a view of Cape Town as I see and discover it. This will take a while…

What To Expect

I’m not a great photographer. In fact, for a while now, I’ve been an iPhone only photographer. I hope to hone the craft. I have to get better to tell the best stories I can in frames.

I will share anything and everything I find fascinating about the Mother City. The people, landscapes, the sea and beaches. I live by the beach, so you might see a lot of those photos, if you haven’t already.

Old buildings fascinate me. There’s a grandeur and majesty about them I can’t resist. I will share architecture as I encounter what moves me.

Hopefully I can also get you to experience the city as ‘Cape Tonians’ would. The lens is a powerful thing. Think of all the frames we’re in, the ones that move us that we never capture…

A Challenge For You

Hey, you can also be a part of this. What about sharing your city in frame. Like me, you don’t have to be an amazing photographer. You also don’t need those huge , heavy and expensive cameras and lenses. Use the one you always have in your pocket: your phone.

Share your photos with the hashtag #MyCityInFrame. Use the hashtag on social media platforms so you get to share your city. What you love about where you live and what pains you about it.

Tell a story about your everyday surround. For my project I’m going to use #CapeTownInFrame. I hope some people in my city join in. What about connecting with your friends, bloggers etc in your city?

Tools | The How

I have slowed quite significantly or almost completely publishing photos directly to Facebook. You can read the full scoop here. In fact it is one of the reasons I started this photo blog; to have complete control and ownership of my work.

You can use whatever platform you’re comfortable with. Among other tools I use, is Pressgram, an amazing photo sharing app (for iPhone at that moment) that allows you to add filters, watermarks, cool edits AND publish to social media platforms as well as your own blogs.

It has finer controls than the other ‘gram’ and depending on where you publish allows you to maintain ownership of your works. One of the coolest things about it is that you can publish your blog posts / photos on the fly…

So, going ahead, keep an eye out for my posts and do share yours; open up your city to the world.