Looking up

Looking Up

i love looking up at ceilings. I can’t say why my fascination… I like that though indoors we could see the sky. Natural light is also cool. Neat!

Wishing For A Self Cleaning Floor

Typical conversation on house cleaning day: Ingrid: did you get the spider webs by the art corner? Me: yes, got ’em! I wonder how I missed the one…

Home Stuff

Taking care of home stuff! Chores! Yay! #Not A necessary evil… Have to be done right?! There are times you’d always rather be doing something else… Truth is,…

View From @HarbourBridge_H Earlier Today (cc @Buhle007)

Cape Town weather! Starts off sad and not so promising… Would love to have seen this view against a blue sky drop… Glad i got to see a…

Horizon At 37,000ft

From the air…

Yesterday’s Sunset #NoFilter

Yesterday I got to see the sunset from a spot I used to watch it for about 3 years. Spectacular, as usual… Unfortunately no adjectives that could do…

Best #CoffeeArt; Nice To Look At, Better To Drink

My first time getting art as elaborate as this with my coffee. Nice to look at better to drink 😉

Glorious Day

Glorious day in Kirstenbosch, Cape Town! Don’t see why anyone would waste a day this glorious by bunkering indoors.

Hello, Good Morning!

It happens everyday but spectacular all the same. Glad to occasionally bump into the sunrise when I do. Published via Pressgram


At the Kalk Bay pier. Lovely day. Cause I can! Published via Pressgram

The Boss Is Away And [SIGN] #KalkBay #DP365

Sign in Afrikaans, which translates, “The boss is away and the price is right”. Basically, “don’t even think of negotiating price; it is what it is” Love South…

Sunrise; Hello Day

A sunrise. It happens everyday but I don’t see it this way unless I stand by my kitchen at sunrise time. Because I don’t see it, doesn’t mean…

A Hectic Starter Platter @Karibu_SADining #EntertainerZA

A cool spread of starters… Published via Pressgram

The Ninja Cooler

Just walked to get some water and couldn’t find the water cooler… It’s gone ninja! Published via Pressgram